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We will be asking every candidate in the UK 2015 General Election a set of 10 questions.

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About Candidate Hub

We are two students in the UK. Jack Govier, a student of Economics and Politics at the University of Edinburgh, and Rob Stark, a student of Innovative Manufacturing Engineering at Loughborough University.

We have both grown up in Monmouthshire, South Wales and went to King Henry VIII School in Abergavenny. In recent years we have both become more politically aware and have noticed this is not a common trend among our peers. Therefore we wanted to change the way in which people of our generation engage with elections. This led to the development of Candidate Hub, which we believe can not only change the perception of our peers, but almost anyone in society who is unsure about voting, or just wants more information about the people aiming to represent them.


What We Hope To Achieve

Candidate Hub is a project based on the idea of achieving a goal. We wish to increase the levels of voter engagement nationally.

As a goal, this is both ambitious and difficult to measure, so we have set some more specific definitions of success:

  • To obtain answers from at least 70% of all candidates running in the May 2015 General Election*
  • To gather at least 500,000 unique hits on our site between the dates August 1st 2014 and May 5th 2015.
  • To have Candidate Hub featured in at least 4 major news publications.
  • To have at least 2 official Candidate Hub volunteers in every UK constituency.
  • To have at least 65 Members of Parliament as of 2015 to pledge their support to Candidate Hub and agree to answer future questions.

* Candidates defined as those declared before February 1st 2015 so as to give them sufficient time to respond and us sufficient time to ask.

Even with these more specific targets, it will be a difficult task. This is why we need help from you. Whether this help comes in the form of a donation to help with server and development costs, sharing the site with friends, family and anyone you think may be interested, or becoming one of our volunteers, we will be happy to accept it. If you believe that you can help in any way, please contact us using the form at the bottom of the page, or by emailing info@candidatehub.co.uk

Becoming A Constituency Co-ordinator

In order to establish a basis of knowledge in constituencies, and stay informed about new candidates, we have created a Constituency Co-ordinator position. We are therefore accepting volunteers who wish to fill these roles.

What would be expected of me?
We would expect you to stay on top of the candidacies announced in your constituency, and update us when necessary. We will want to know what you believe the biggest local issues to be in the election, and we would like you to be able to promote Candidate Hub at least in some way within your constituency.

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Our Manifesto

We have written a manifesto which states what we believe to be the cause of voter apathy and effects thereof. We also lay out a progression we hope this site to take.