Tewkesbury is a constituency in the county of Gloucestershire. The seat was recreated in 1997.

The current member of parliament is the Conservative Party’s Laurence Robertson who has represented the constituents since its recreation.

2010 General Election Results (Adjusted for non-voters)

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Stuart Adair

1. What do you plan to do in order to make sure you remain ‘in touch’ with the electorate?
The campaign started two years ago for me. I have a personal Facebook page in addition to our Tewkesbury UKIP page and have been interacting with constituents over that two year period. Social media is an absolutely essential tool. However, once our MP’s are elected they seem to just disappear for the next five years and that’s not going to be me. I have committed to holding a monthly meeting in which I’ll report how I voted in Parliament in your name, every penny of my expenses in the last month and, most importantly, what debates are coming up, how I am inclined to vote and will seek the views of my constituents. I want to be the most open and communicative MP this country has ever seen.
2. What makes you the best candidate for this constituency?
Have you ever seen someone do something and think, “I can do better than that?” Well that’s me. I’ve seen the way our politicians behave in Parliament, I’ve seen how they are whipped and told how to vote, I watched whilst 97% of local residents objected to Bloor Homes building a hotel in Wood Stanway and they were ignored. I’ve watched local people ignored over the sale of Oldbury Road Car Park. I’ve watched huge swathes of our Countryside given over to developers and how fields in Longlevens and Longford are now permanently flooded. I’m here to offer a real alternative to the old worn out parties who are infinitesimally different from each other.
3. What has the current Member achieved that you believe has been successful?
He has spectacularly achieved the goal of saying one thing and doing another. He has successfully achieved the Conservative goal of punishing those on welfare by supporting the bedroom tax and the EU goal of closer integration by refusing to support a vote which would have restored British sovereignty over our own laws.
4. In your opinion, is austerity working? What should we take from the state of the economy during this Government’s tenure?
Austerity is clearly not working as its been funded by a doubling in national debt over the last five years. We have to stop borrowing more and more money to fund the ridiculous £55M per day EU membership fees and £10Bn per year foreign aid programmes. We have such an opportunity ahead of us when we leave the EU to realise the 11.4% of GDP that membership costs us and start spending our money here in Britain on those who need it most.
5. Does (legal) immigration need more limitations or is it vital for the UK?
Absolutely. What frustrates me is that we turn our backs on highly skilled workers from all over the world and yet allow in completely free of hindrance unskilled labour from within the EU. I want ALL people to be welcomed here based upon the skills they have and the need we have. Controlled immigration is good for Britain. Mass Uncontrolled immigration is definitely not.
6. Many people are concerned about the cost of living in the UK, with wages having failed to rise in line with the price of food, energy and rent in recent years. How can this be corrected?
An unlimited supply of low skilled workers is great for large companies but bad for workers. Only when we restore border controls and restrict numbers will competition be reintroduced to the job market and wages rise. Artificially pushing up the minimum wage may sound like the solution but its definitely not. Doing so just adds to the pressure on smaller companies who have profit margins already cut to the bone, and who then respond by cutting back staff numbers.
7. How would you like to see the NHS change in the future in order to become more successful?
We would add an additional £3Bn to the front-line of the NHS each year. A restructure must take place to address the >50% of NHS staff who are non-clinical. Reverse the PFI privatisation deals brought in by the Labour Party and ‘Cash for Care’ brought by the Tories and Lib Dems. Open up our NHS labour market to the rest of the world based upon the skills of the individual not just to those working in the EU.
8. What measures do you think need to be taken to decrease unemployment, particularly youth unemployment and those who have never been employed?
Employers should be encouraged to offer jobs to local people first and foremost, with particular focus upon young people. The restoration of border controls will reduce the levels of unskilled workers in the country which will aid British unemployed people to get into work. The welfare system needs to be tailored far more to supporting those making the transition to work and whilst it leans that way is still a long way off.
9. Does the lack of diversity in Parliament equate to a lack of representation?
I’m not a believer in choosing people for any roles based upon anything other than their ability. Skin colour, ethnicity, age, sex religion, sexual persuasion are all completely irrelevant to me. The lack of diversity has far more to do with apathy in the electorate and quite frankly who could blame them. Diversity will only be addressed when politicians of all persuasions start listening to people.
10 . If an EU Referendum were to take place, how would you encourage your constituents to vote and why?
As you might expect, I would recommend that we leave the EU. The eminent Professor of economics Tim Congdon CBE has measured the financial impact of the EU at 11.4% of GDP this year, we have had 3,600 new laws that we must comply with, 75% of our new laws are made outside of our democratic control and we cannot trade freely with the rest of the world. I believe in Britain which is why I will not rest until we have restored our sovereignty.

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